Editing Services

We all have phones and cameras filled with photos.

Photos of our kids, our pets, our vacations, and day-to-day adventures.
Maybe you have 500 babywearing selfies, or 100 photos of that vacation that you just went on, or maybe, you have 5 precious photos of a special family member.

Maybe you own a business and you are struggling to get professional looking images. This service is perfect for you! Let's get those images looking even more beautiful and more professional.

If you have a large amount of well-lit, easily edited, images that you want bulk processed, please contact me for bulk photo pricing.

Purchasing this service allows you to have up to 30 images edited.

Contact me and let's get those images looking even more beautiful!

How many images should I send? 
While this service allows you to have up to 30 images edited, please send between 30-40. Not all images, due to quality, will be able to be edited. Should all 40 images work then bonus for you! You'll receive all 40 images at no additional cost. 

How do I send the images?
You can upload to dropbox, or google drive and send me a link at the indicated e-mail in the welcome message. 

Can you restore images?
Maybe? Maybe not! If you are unsure about the quality of your images, or if you have a specific question, just contact me.

How will I receive the images back?
I'll upload the edited images to dropbox and send you a link. The images can then be saved onto your device or your computer. You can expect images back within 7 days of sending me your images.
Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be sent detailed instructions on  how you can send images, what file formats are preferred, and how you will receive edited images.