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This will be a remote sessions. How you ask? 


Facetime option

You'll set up your phone on Facetime I'll video in.  I'll have you set your phone up on a stand or a camera tripod and I'll direct you to pose and do a couple of lifestyle things (read a book, tickle your kids, get your kids to give you a hug etc. Apple has a feature that I can snapshot what you are videoing, so I'll do that throughout the session and then I'll edit those images.

It does have to be Facetime for the best quality. I am willing to do zoom, but with the preface that your images, while cute, may not be the best quality. Please note that these images are truly just for fun, and for memories. These are not images you are going to want to blow up and print. 

DSLR option with remote

You'll need a bluetooth enabled camera. Hook your phone up to your remote and voila you can take photos. You'll video chat me in and i'll help you pose and then you can send me the images after and I'll edit them. 

This is a great option if you want to have some print quality images. 

It would be helpful if you had a tripod for your phone - if you don't have one stand your phone up on something straight. When we start the session I'll make sure everything is looking a-ok. If your spouse or partner is willing to help out by holding the phone that works too! It'll feel a bit odd and strange, but I promise that you will love the outcome. :)

These images will be geared towards Mother's day, though I am happy to take family photos, but some ideas of some great locations within your home would be 

1) Your couch

2) Bed (you can have all sit on the bed and have the kids pile on for a snuggle)

3) Stairs

4) Your kitchen (you can make some pancakes together!)



PORTRAIT SESSION: Each Mini Session is 15-20 minutes. Clients will receive 5+ digital images from their session in addition to 3 water colour digital images.

CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT: Sessions have no set cost, but suggested cost is $25 to cover the cost of me working on the water colour digital prints.  Please let me know if you are unable to make your session (Please give 24 hours notice if possible)

TIMING: Client will be ready during their mini session slot time (a 30 minute time will be given, please be ready to go anytime during that time slot)

COPYRIGHT: All images are copyrighted to and remain the property of Alyssa Truong. These images may be used for promoting future sessions. 

PRINT RELEASE: Client will receive 5+ images from their session as well as 3 digital watercolour images. They are welcome to print, share, and post on social media.


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